Job scheduler in RoR

by Noman Muhammad

BackgroundRb is a Ruby job server and scheduler. In this post i'll create a simple RoR project in which using backgrounDRb we will fetch data from database and logged them in the log file.

1) pre-requisites: two gem => chronic, packet [in my case the current version of packet doesn't work, so i download the packet version: 0.1.5 from rubyforge and then manually install it]
(*) install chronic :
~# sudo gem install chronic
(*) install packet :
~# sudo gem install /path/to/your/directory/packet-0.1.5.gem

2) download backgrounDRb from and extract the .tar/.zip file and rename the folder backgroundrb. Store this folder in projects_name/vendor/plugins

3) now setup backgrounDRb
~# rake backgroundrb:setup

4) now create your own worker class
~# ./script/generate worker fetcher
---- here fetcher is the worker name, this command will create fetcher_worker.rb file in /libs/worker folder. my fetcher_worker.rb is as follows:

class FetcherWorker < BackgrounDRb::MetaWorker
set_worker_name :fetcher_worker

def create(args = nil)
#this method is called, when worker is loaded for the first time "Created feeds worker"

def update() "Hello UPDATE"
@posts = Post.find(:all)

for post in @posts


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