Some Interesting Google Search Technique

by Noman Muhammad

We always search our query in Google. There are huge set of techniques by which we can search in Google more accurately. I collect and show some of them here that I frequently use. Those techniques are very simple but provide very fruitful result :) .

1. Whenever we search for more than one keyword (i.e. computer programming, here we use 2 key word. a) computer b) programming) at a time Google will handle this keyword using a method called Boolean Default. Google's Boolean default is 'AND'; that means if we enter query words without modifiers, Google will search for all of them. If we search for:

computer programming

Google will search for all the words. If we want to specify that either word is acceptable, we can put an 'OR' between each item:
computer OR programming

If we want to exclude a query item from search results, use a -.(minus sign or dash:
computer -programming

note that there is no space after the (-) sign.

2. To search for a phrase use "" surrounding the phrase. like:
"Some Interesting Google Search Technique"

3. Period (.) and Asterisk (*) can also be used as traditionally used.

4. To search anything from a specific site use 'site:site_name'.

This will search for the term google only in the specified site.

note that there is no space after the (:) sign.

5. To restrict search to title of web pages we can use 'intitle:search_keyword'

6. Use 'inurl:search_keyword' to restrict search to the URLs of web pages.

7. To search in body text use 'intext:search_keyword'

8.Searches for text in a page's link anchors
inanchor:"google desktop"

9. To search for a specific filetype use 'filetype:desired_file_type'
bangladesh filetype:pdf

10. To search a copy of the page that Google indexed even if that site/page is no longer available at its original URL or has since changed its content completely. This is particularly useful for site/pages that change often.

11. To get the definition of search keyword 'define:search_keyword'.

12. To find lyrics use
"lyrics_phrase" lyrics

13. To get the time of Dhaka
time dhaka

Adding Digg Button on Blogspot Post

by Noman Muhammad

Digg is the social content website where we submit our favorite content. Its a very good idea to have a button on the site content so that visitor easily submit that content to digg. To show digg button on blogger post we to put some code on the template.

1.) Find the below line on the blogger template (its found when "Expand Widget Templates" is clicked).


2.) Now replace this above code with

<div style='float:left; margin-right:10px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

This will show the digg button on ur post's left top corner. To change button's orientation simply change div orientation.